Working with video footage is possible in many ways. Here you can find a small selection of the possibilities of Homburg Creatives. A more extensive collection of video work is available on our Vimeo account

Homburg Creatives prefers to work with pre-existing video footage, but we are also available for projects that demand new and original footage.

Video essay

Essays have been a way to elaborate on critical thoughts or opinions for quite some time. However, it has been a relatively new development that this essay does not have to be written. If the essay concerns film or video, the footage itself is sometimes able to speak for itself in a more powerful way than words could.

Video essay from 2018 in which the series Westworld is being connected with the philosophical concept ‘syntheses of time’ by Deleuze. It shows how programmed robots are dealing with habit, memory and future.

Video edit

Where the essay is applying a specific theory or concept to the moving image, a regular edit merely provides an entertaining value. By removing the image from the context of the film, a new meaning can be created, which does not need to have a direct connection to the original material.

Possibilities of a regular edit include trailers and music videos, but also montage, editing and colour correction of new original material, filmed by others.

Video edit from 2019 of The Handmaid’s Tale (2017-2019) combined with feminist anthem Speechless from Aladdin (2019). The music provides a new layer of depth in the pre-existing context of the series.

Video edit from 2017 of the Dutch Pirate Crew. Creative idea by Scarlett & Giselle NL, executed by Helimatra Productions, montage, colour correction and subtitles by Homburg Creatives.
Trailer from 2019 for Dutch comedian Kees van Amstel, completely edited based on personal style. All material is taken from the same show, with exception of the music.

Original material

Of course it is possible to hire Homburg Creatives to film and edit new material. Options include company videos and recordings of events, the possibilities are endless!