Pricing & Contact

Every project is unique. This means this page can only give you a minimum price. For any enquiry, question, comment, or desired purchase, send a message to You will receive an answer the same day (or as soon as possible if you are in a different time zone).

For any commission we charge an hourly rate of €20,-. Prices as listed on this page do not include taxes.


Costumes fully depend on the wishes and budget of the client. For pricing, send a message to with a photo or sketch of the desired costume and if needed your budget. Payment for costumes will happen in at least two phases: one concerning the cost of the materials before the start of the project and one concerning the cost of labor when the project is finished.

We pride ourselves on our quality. Hence, we do not accept inquiries with budgets under €500,- for full outfits. Detailed costume replicas can easily come up to €1000-€2000, though this fully depends on the project. Of course we can set up a monthly playment plan to make your dream costume a little more affordable.


Piano accompanimentdepends on the number of barsfrom €20,-
Backing trackdepends on the number of bars from €40,-
Arrangementdepends on the number of bars/instrumentsfrom €60,-
Full showdepends on the number of tracks from €550,-

Have you found the perfect song in our database and would you like to use a high quality version of it? This is a ready-to-go track, which is available to purchase for €7,50!
NB: This rate does not apply to full shows.

Are you interested in multiple high quality instrumentals without the underscores of the full show? Your solution is the album set: a collection of instrumental versions of every song that has been included on the official cast album of the show. The pricing of the set depends on the show, please send a message to to receive your price quote.

Please note this website is not a webshop, we conduct our business personally through email.


Montage of pre-existing footagedepends on lengthfrom €100,-
Montage and filming of new footagedepends on length from €275,-