Welcome to Homburg Creatives, a small, young company that specializes in making high quality, costumes, backing tracks and musical arrangements, and video editing. Additionally, we are available to perform supporting research for documentaries and fiction film. In our work we aim to reach the best result for each budget.

Are you looking for a complete costume or just a part of one? Homburg Creatives is able to help you out! We are specialized in fantasy, historical and theatre replicas. An overview of finished projects can be seen in the costume portfolio.

Do you want to perform a musical, but you lack an orchestra? We can provide you with a digital orchestra. Homburg Creatives has access to a growing database of backing tracks, of which the majority is produced by the company. Musical backing tracks in progress include Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Phantom of the Opera and Anastasia. The possibilities are endless, we offer musical accompaniments ranging from only piano to a complete cinematic orchestra. New arrangements can also be made. A selection of the current database can be found in the music portfolio.

Homburg Creatives is commission based, which means no project is the same! Fully based on your wishes we can edit company videos, music videos, trailers, vlogs and event footage. Examples can be seen in our video portfolio.

We’re proud to present our first collaboration with I’m Fine Productions to showcase the possibilities of Homburg Creatives. The video below features three of our costumes (both dresses worn by Eliza and the coat worn by Hamilton), as well as vocals by Eline Homburg.