Anastasia – Full show and album set available

Beauty and the Beast – Full show and album set available




Seventeenbacking track

The Hunchback of the Notre Dame

Hellfirebacking track
Somedaybacking track
Somedaypiano accompaniment

Les Misérables

Drink With Mebacking track
Bring Him Homebacking track
Empty Chairs at Empty Tablesbacking track

The Little Mermaid – Broadway orchestration

Fathoms Belowbacking track
Daughters of Tritonbacking track
I’ll Race Youunderscore
Out of Ursulaunderscore
Part of Your Worldbacking track
The Stormunderscore
Part of Your World Reprisebacking track
Her Voicebacking track
After ‘Under’ backing track
Finale Act 1backing track
New Legsunderscore
On the Beachunderscore
Au Bal du Toiletteunderscore
The Banquet Hallunderscore
Good Nightunderscore
I Want the Good Times Back Reprisebacking track
Eric Proposesunderscore
Finale Ultimobacking track

The Little Mermaid – Revised orchestration

Oh No, the Concertunderscore
Daughters of Tritonbacking track
Where’s Arielunderscore
Ursula’s Lairunderscore
Part of Your Worldbacking track
Her Voicebacking track
After Her Voiceunderscore
After Underbacking track
Take Me to Herunderscore
Grotto Destructionunderscore
New Legsunderscore
On the Beachunderscore
Positaggitybacking track
Au Bal de la Toiletteunderscore
Chez Louisunderscore
Les Poissons Reprisebacking track
Les Poissons Mayhemunderscore
Good Nightunderscore
Back to Ursula’s Lairunderscore
Before Kiss the Girlunderscore
After Kiss the Girlunderscore
Grimsby’s Adviceunderscore
If Only – Quartetbacking track
Before the Contestunderscore
Ariel Steps Forwardunderscore
Poor Unfortunate Souls Reprisebacking track
Ursula’s Demiseunderscore
Ariel’s Transformationunderscore
Finale Ultimobacking track
Exit Musicunderscore

The Lord of the Rings

Wonderbacking track

Love Never Dies

Beneath a Moonless Skybacking track
Beneath a Moonless Skypiano accompaniment
Once Upon Another Timebacking track
Once Upon Another Timepiano accompaniment
Devil Take the Hindmostbacking track

The Phantom of the Opera

Hannibal – Part 1backing track
Think of Me – Carlottabacking track
Think of Me – Christinebacking track
Angel of Musicbacking track
Raoul’s Noteunderscore
Little Lottebacking track
The Mirrorbacking track
The Phantom of the Operabacking track
Music of the Nightbacking track
Organ Transitionunderscore
All I Ask of Youbacking track
All I Ask of You Reprise Ibacking track
All I Ask of You Reprise IIbacking track
After Entre’acteunderscore
Masqueradebacking track
Don Juan Rehearsalbacking track
Phantom of the Opera Reprisebacking track
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Againbacking track
Wandering Childbacking track


No Good Deedbacking track
For Goodbacking track
For Good piano accompaniment