Eliza Hamilton

Full 18th century outfit with shift, stays, bum pad, petticoats and gown, as based on the stage version of a Robe à l’Anglaise as worn in the Broadway musical Hamilton. While the stage dress took several construction shortcuts to allow for quick changes, this dress is more based on the actual clothing layers of the late 18th century.

The shift, bum pad and petticoats are made of white cotton. The petticoats tie around the waist. The gown itself is one piece, and made of light green taffeta. The back of the skirt is attached, while the front ties around the waist. Using hooks and eyes as front closure allows the wearer to dress herself, so the dress closes like a jacket. The front features six decorative buttons, which are covered in the same fabric as the dress. Each sleeve has a lace engageante which is one metre wide.

This dress is featured in the video below: