Queen Anna of Arendelle

Regal dress based on both the animated dress from Frozen II and the face character in the parks. This is a five-piece costume: skirt, dress, jacket, belt and cape. This costume has a lot of curves and asymmetry in the dress and the jacket, which I found really daunting!

For the teal skirt I used a pleated satin, and painted the Arendelle floral design onto the hem by hand using a self-made stencil. The green dress is made of micro-suede (which I also used in red in the Queen Lucy dress), and is fully lined in satin. The front edge of the skirt is decorated with quite a few Swarovski crystals in Topaz in three different sizes. To amplify wearing comfort, the dress is sleeveless, and it closes with an invisible zipper in the left side seam.

Over the dress, a black velvet jacket is worn. The jacket is also fully lined in satin. Both the upper sleeves and upper back of the jacket feature sequin embroidery. The sleeves and front panels are further decorated with Swarovski crystals in Blue Zircon, while the back features a few Swarovski crystals in Amethyst. Although the jacket closes with snaps, a yellow, non-functional button with the Arendelle flower is added to the front panel.

With the dress, a black velvet belt is worn. This one closes with snaps in the back. The purple buckle, featuring the Arendelle flower, is non-functional, and is made of worbla.

For the ultimate regal look, a cape is added to the costume. The cape is made of dark green velvet, and is lined in purple satin. The edges are finished with golden piping. A loose waterfall drape nicely shows the colour of the lining. The star of the cape is a gold sequin motif of the Arendelle flower, which measures over 90 centimetres. While the cape attaches to the jacket with snaps, it also features green decorative buttons. These match the designs of both the buckle and the jacket button.

To fully finish the costume, Queen Anna wears a golden crown, blue earrings and a gold ring. Neither of these were made by me. The crown in this combination is by Y&Y Costumes. This wig is styled by Enchantique Wigs.